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rewrite volume 1, edition 5, September 2010
  • Blogs, FAQs, and Forums: 21st Century Online Styles: From the free-form FAQ, through the click-constrained blog, to the formality of the forum it might seem like we have a broad variety of writing styles to satisfy our online needs.
  • Voice in Written Communications: Business communications need a voice, but a particular writing voice, like a particular person's face, is something that's often easier to recognize than it is to define.
  • Creative Writing: Creative writing institutions help maintain a walled garden from within which creative writers throw outsiders the odd creative bone.

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rewrite volume 1, edition 4, August 2010
  • Writers: Good for your Health: The best patient advocate in the new age of health information technology may be a writer
  • Literate Programming: Lessons for Writers: Literate programming takes cues from writers to help programmers create better programs.. Maybe literate programmers can return the favor
  • Corruption, Lies, Errors, and Mistakes: Electronic texts are unreliable, subject to error, and plagued by the untrustworthiness of the internet. How can they regain some of the authenticity and implied veracity of the printed word?

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rewrite volume 1, edition 3, July 2010
  • (E-)Readers and Writers: readers are much more active participants in the reader-writer relationship than we thought
  • Skimmability: it's a sad fact that sometimes readers won't engage with our material for the sheer joy of reading it
  • Using Style to Re-Invent Format: the distinction between the format of a piece and the style or styles used to write it is important, and can work for us or against us when we plan a new writing effort

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rewrite volume 1, edition 2, June 2010
  • Where does Meaning Come From: and how do we agree on what it is
  • Content Management: it can be almost as hard to get it right as it is common-sense to do it in the first place
  • Text and Context: sooner or later, every reader needs context and every politician's career can be saved by it. Read my lips

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rewrite volume 1, edition 1, May 2010
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts: making the most of opportunities to get the information you need
  • Look after your Simile: associating the new with the familiar works wonders
  • Memorable Presentations: when presentations are as effective as commercials

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